Welcome to Diverse City Press

Diverse City Press is a small publishing company which aims to provide educational materials for people with disabilities and their care providers. The company is informed by the disability rights movement, and is closely linked with organizations and individuals fighting for the rights of all people with disabilities to take control of their own lives and control their own fate.

Routinely, Diverse City Press has its materials reviewed by leaders in the disability rights movement and has donated the royalties from a number of its products to the Self Advocacy movement. Profits are also routinely used to provide funding to projects that promote the artistic and spiritual endeavours of people with developmental disabilities.

We also seek new authors who can write simply about profound issues. We publish books for professionals, training materials for people with disabilities and inspirational books for children. We want to further develop our line of children’s books as well as instructional materials for adults with developmental disabilities. Author’s wishing to send manuscripts can contact us through our email address with a brief sketch of their proposed book.

We may be contacted at:

Diverse City Press Inc.
279 Yonge Street,
PO Box 23012
Barrie, Ontario
L4N 7W8


Email: diversecitybooks@rogers.com